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Cova Tapas y Sangria

I don’t enjoy going out on weekends because of my impatience. I don’t enjoy being stuck traffic, waiting for parking and having to wait long for my order. But since I recently started drinking again, I gave in to check out this new spot we were all curious about.

LOVED the sleek interiors.

The color scheme and lighting were very conducive to drinking.

The wavy trellis go all the way outside where they have more cocktail tables. Non-smoking establishments get bonus points in my book. I like going home without smelling like an ashtray.

Nice and sturdy table design! So you don't ram your knee into the legs.

The owner recommended the white sangria.

It had bits of orange, green apple and canned peaches. I found it had too much Cointreau, peach juice or whatever orange liqueur they use. Tamis! So we decided to keep it real and have some plain ol bourbon.

The tapas arrive. First up, Huevos Cabreados. Crisp shoestring potatoes, fried egg, chorizo bits, aioli, parsley sauce and some tomato concasse.

Messy but yummy! This is a plate that will make you want to drink more. It has the elements that make a good bar dish!

Saucy Gambas. Noticing a consistent garnish.

Rabo de Toro Ravioli. Thin dumpling paper sealing in a meaty mix of ox tail meat with some creamy foie gras. It went nicely with the smooth jus. I would've appreciated it even more with a full-bodied red to complement the richness. Hello again garnish.

Classic Paella Negra. Seafood slightly overcooked but the rice was done pretty well and served straight out of the paellera so you could scrape off the tutong yourself. Always my favorite part.

Lastly, Mollejas de Ternera = veal sweetbreads! I was curious mostly because it is never found in menus of our local restaurants. Plus, I wanted to see if they could pull it off. Sweetbreads can be very unforgiving. To my surprise, they were cooked well with a nice outer sear leaving the inside with a consistency close to brains.

Looking forward to coming back when they complete the wine list. It was a good night out with the gang, doing what we love to do.

22 Jupiter St.
Makati City, Philippines
T: +632 478 9700


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Vineria del Barolo @ Gianni Gagliardo’s

To end our short road trip, we stop to grab dinner before heading home.

Gorgeous sun setting into the vineyards.

Sunset hues striking through the restaurant windows.

Vineria del Barolo is the partner restaurant of the winery Gianni Gagliardo.

Simple dining set-up.

We were choosing between 2 Barbera d'Alba since we wanted to have just a quick dinner and not drive back home too late.

We went with La Matta which was very fulfilling. I remember vanilla and dark berries. It had a body that required some meat.

Nice detail on the bottle.

We start off with a vegetable soup. I honestly don't remember what it was. It didn't leave a mark but I finished it cause I was starving.

We killed the bread platter as the apps were taking a while.

The appetizers land on this tile-ish platter. Stuffed pepper, veal tonnato, frittata, voul au vent and sausage stuffed onion just to name a few.. These may vary according to the season.

Loved the voul au vent con crema di raschera! It was basically a fondue of this semi hard and flavorful cheese in a small cup made of puff pastry.

This was called - battuta al coltello di fassone piemontese. In english - steak tartare. Yum!

The second platter I was less a fan of. Though the octopus wrap on the left was pretty good!

I appreciated the inventive way of serving.

What I had been waiting for... my favorite plin!! These are typical of the Piedmontese area. Plin are home-made mini agnolotti (a type of ravioli) stuffed with ricotta and spinach. These were tossed in butter and sage, then topped with Parmesan. In my book, these simple flavor combinations are what dreams are made of.

My dad's pork shank.

My brother's lamb chops.

He gave me one to try. Tender and well rested.

Someone enjoyed the pork..

The Pinoy in me requested to have the leftover Plin wrapped because I wanted my granny to try em. They did not have take out bags, so they gave me a plate as souvenier.. HAHAHA!

On the way home from Gianni Gagliardo, we spot a Lambo Gallardo! Sweet.

Vineria del Barolo
Serra dei Turchi 88,
12064 La Morra
T: +39 0173 500663

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