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Ippudo Ramen HK

I’ve had this bowl on my mind the entire morning thanks to the gloomy weather and sporadic rain.

Spotted this by chance while walking along Canton Road. I saw the big logo from outside Silvercord mall so I went in to check it out primarily for warmth because it was hella cold outside! Thought something hot would be nice.

The interiors drew me in...

Loving the theme of the place..

And the color scheme.

Perfect for the lone eater. Like me that day.

Welcomed with a fresh Asahi on tap!! It was the perfect aperitif.

Because I like heat, I had the Karaka Ramen.

Spicy ground pork with some bits that seemed like rendered bacon. Super tasty and hot!

The noodles were divine - individually firm and chewy, swimming in the thick full-bodied pork broth.

You could also top it off with ground sesame. Though I preferred not to cause I found the broth to be pretty balanced.

Comfort in a bowl.

Prolly the best ramen I’ve had to date. And I need you NOW.

Shop 210, 2/F, Silvercord,
30 Canton Rd., Tsim Sha Tsui, HK
T: +852 2957 8893

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