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Ippudo Ramen HK

I’ve had this bowl on my mind the entire morning thanks to the gloomy weather and sporadic rain.

Spotted this by chance while walking along Canton Road. I saw the big logo from outside Silvercord mall so I went in to check it out primarily for warmth because it was hella cold outside! Thought something hot would be nice.

The interiors drew me in...

Loving the theme of the place..

And the color scheme.

Perfect for the lone eater. Like me that day.

Welcomed with a fresh Asahi on tap!! It was the perfect aperitif.

Because I like heat, I had the Karaka Ramen.

Spicy ground pork with some bits that seemed like rendered bacon. Super tasty and hot!

The noodles were divine - individually firm and chewy, swimming in the thick full-bodied pork broth.

You could also top it off with ground sesame. Though I preferred not to cause I found the broth to be pretty balanced.

Comfort in a bowl.

Prolly the best ramen I’ve had to date. And I need you NOW.

Shop 210, 2/F, Silvercord,
30 Canton Rd., Tsim Sha Tsui, HK
T: +852 2957 8893

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Moshi Koshi

I’ve been driving by this new bright sign along Shaw Boulevard for some time. New restaurants in this area are a rarity, so I got curious and tried it for lunch.

I liked the interiors and the basic menu which I really appreciate, it shows they focus on the product.

Loving the textures.

I noticed a window and some hanging rolling pins across our table so I went to peek.

Discovering where the magic happens! It's a small noodle room where they turn on the light when a new batch is being made.

Food arrives in an instant. This was Randy's Chicken Teriyaki Bento set. Not bad for the price..

But quite uninspiring if you ask me.

I got the Shio Ramen with corn and butta.

Very flavorful porky broth. Salty for my taste. The noodles were real good! The type you need to eat quickly as they continue cooking in the hot soup. A good sign of freshness.

Check. Check. Check.

Thank you for coming to my side of town, noodle boss!

Moshi Koshi
431 Shaw Boulevard cor. Ideal Street,
Mandaluyong City, Philippines
T:+632 72-MOSHI

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Kenji Tei

After a meeting on a rainy Saturday morning, we finally pay a visit to our friend’s Ramen House down south.

This small place can seat about 20 people.

Ceiling looks like ramen.

Started with a Cheese Gyoza which was fried to perfection.

Finding the warm cream cheese at the center. Served with Jap mayo and chili oil.

Ed got the Hiyashi Goma Miso Ramen. These are cold noodles served with cucumber, tomato and chicken strips and with a sesame miso dressing. Fresh flavors and not too heavy.

Dom got the Miso Tempura Ramen.

I got the Spicy Negi Ramen. It's a miso based broth with a good amount of heat and just enough corn - I hate it when they put such small portions. Nakakabitin. Ken (who has no culinary background) makes his own noodles and I didn't expect them to be this good! Well cooked ramen in a steaming spicy hot broth, finished with sweet kernels of corn. BOOM.

Even if I was stuffed and overly satisfied with my bowl of ramen, Ken insisted to try his version of the Chicken Teriyaki.

Good thing he did! It was so different from the usual. Crisp golden brown outer layer covered in a sticky teriyaki and not to forget the tender juicy chicken! Yumm!

The man behind the noodle. Great job Ken 🙂

Hurry and open one closer to us!!

Kenji Tei
President’s Ave. BF Homes
T: +632 556 8805

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