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Sushi dinner for my brother’s birthday.

Nice Jap feel.

Faux wooden tabletops. Cute persimmon chopstick rest.

The Japanese sushi chefs on display led us to order mostly sushi and sashimi. (we should've stuck to that)

The nice earthenware made the food pop out.

Hamachi and tuna. Look at that color on the fish. So fresh!

More assorted freshness.

Beautiful rolls of spicy tuna. I like when you can still tell the rice grains apart.

Beef tendon. Lacked some punch.

Loved the glistening jap rice!

My brother was feeling adventurous and went for the ramen pizza. Funny dish. I was surprised how it held together so well.

Grilled jack with radish and ponzu dip. Not bad.

Butterfly garnish made out of beetroot. Effort!!

Cleansing our palates with this nice vanilla ice cream topped with red bean paste and green tea syrup.

Happy birthday brotha!

38 Jupiter St, Bel-Air Village
Makati City, Metro Manila
T: +632 478 3292

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West Villa Restaurant

I took a wine course at Berry Bros. & Rudd earlier this year. After a long morning of lectures and tastings…

..we go to lunch at West Villa which is just on the other wing of Lee Gardens mall.

So glad we had a private function room. The dining room outside was chaotic because the place was packed!

We had a red and white selection for lunch (an addition to the 11 other wines we were tasting that day).

Our young instructor.

Starting off with Char Siu, or barbecued pork. The server tells us it is Jackie Chan's favorite dish here! So ofcourse everyone savors it down to the last bite.

Fish. I forgot what it was. Good!

Peppered beef. So tender I wanted more!

Noodles with prawns and crab fat.

Forgot what this was as well..

Nice soy chicken.

Ending with the usual fried rice.

Dessert, my least favorite part of a meal. Here, I eat my words. This is an almond cream bun that completely blew me away. Light, crisp exterior encapsulating a warm almond filling with gummy bits to chew on.

They reminded me of Tim Ho Wan's famous Char Siu buns. AMAZING! The meal could not have ended on a higher note.

Well done!

West Villa
28 Yun Ping Road
1/F Lee Gardens Two, Hong Kong
T: +852 2882 2110

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Ippudo Ramen HK

I’ve had this bowl on my mind the entire morning thanks to the gloomy weather and sporadic rain.

Spotted this by chance while walking along Canton Road. I saw the big logo from outside Silvercord mall so I went in to check it out primarily for warmth because it was hella cold outside! Thought something hot would be nice.

The interiors drew me in...

Loving the theme of the place..

And the color scheme.

Perfect for the lone eater. Like me that day.

Welcomed with a fresh Asahi on tap!! It was the perfect aperitif.

Because I like heat, I had the Karaka Ramen.

Spicy ground pork with some bits that seemed like rendered bacon. Super tasty and hot!

The noodles were divine - individually firm and chewy, swimming in the thick full-bodied pork broth.

You could also top it off with ground sesame. Though I preferred not to cause I found the broth to be pretty balanced.

Comfort in a bowl.

Prolly the best ramen I’ve had to date. And I need you NOW.

Shop 210, 2/F, Silvercord,
30 Canton Rd., Tsim Sha Tsui, HK
T: +852 2957 8893

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Cova Tapas y Sangria

I don’t enjoy going out on weekends because of my impatience. I don’t enjoy being stuck traffic, waiting for parking and having to wait long for my order. But since I recently started drinking again, I gave in to check out this new spot we were all curious about.

LOVED the sleek interiors.

The color scheme and lighting were very conducive to drinking.

The wavy trellis go all the way outside where they have more cocktail tables. Non-smoking establishments get bonus points in my book. I like going home without smelling like an ashtray.

Nice and sturdy table design! So you don't ram your knee into the legs.

The owner recommended the white sangria.

It had bits of orange, green apple and canned peaches. I found it had too much Cointreau, peach juice or whatever orange liqueur they use. Tamis! So we decided to keep it real and have some plain ol bourbon.

The tapas arrive. First up, Huevos Cabreados. Crisp shoestring potatoes, fried egg, chorizo bits, aioli, parsley sauce and some tomato concasse.

Messy but yummy! This is a plate that will make you want to drink more. It has the elements that make a good bar dish!

Saucy Gambas. Noticing a consistent garnish.

Rabo de Toro Ravioli. Thin dumpling paper sealing in a meaty mix of ox tail meat with some creamy foie gras. It went nicely with the smooth jus. I would've appreciated it even more with a full-bodied red to complement the richness. Hello again garnish.

Classic Paella Negra. Seafood slightly overcooked but the rice was done pretty well and served straight out of the paellera so you could scrape off the tutong yourself. Always my favorite part.

Lastly, Mollejas de Ternera = veal sweetbreads! I was curious mostly because it is never found in menus of our local restaurants. Plus, I wanted to see if they could pull it off. Sweetbreads can be very unforgiving. To my surprise, they were cooked well with a nice outer sear leaving the inside with a consistency close to brains.

Looking forward to coming back when they complete the wine list. It was a good night out with the gang, doing what we love to do.

22 Jupiter St.
Makati City, Philippines
T: +632 478 9700


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Moshi Koshi

I’ve been driving by this new bright sign along Shaw Boulevard for some time. New restaurants in this area are a rarity, so I got curious and tried it for lunch.

I liked the interiors and the basic menu which I really appreciate, it shows they focus on the product.

Loving the textures.

I noticed a window and some hanging rolling pins across our table so I went to peek.

Discovering where the magic happens! It's a small noodle room where they turn on the light when a new batch is being made.

Food arrives in an instant. This was Randy's Chicken Teriyaki Bento set. Not bad for the price..

But quite uninspiring if you ask me.

I got the Shio Ramen with corn and butta.

Very flavorful porky broth. Salty for my taste. The noodles were real good! The type you need to eat quickly as they continue cooking in the hot soup. A good sign of freshness.

Check. Check. Check.

Thank you for coming to my side of town, noodle boss!

Moshi Koshi
431 Shaw Boulevard cor. Ideal Street,
Mandaluyong City, Philippines
T:+632 72-MOSHI

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Cohen Lifestyle: Meal Diary

Some quick dishes I enjoyed cooking..

Chicken + green peppers + mango-paprika salsa.

Shrimpcake assembly. Crushed cracker + white pepper + ginger powder + chili powder + minced shrimp + water.

Fresh shrimp + shrimpcakes + lettuce + pureed mango-apple cider vinegar dressing.

I love melting mozzarella and putting it on anything. Thank you non-stick pan for making things easy!!

Zucchini + mozzarella crisps + melted mozzarella + paprika.

Wraps. Crisp romaine + fresh tomato puree + melted mozzarella.

Asian inspired lemon chicken. Chicken + lemon zest + lemon juice + spring onion + green peppers.

Chicken + portobello mushroom ragu.

Respect the breast by not overcooking it!!

Typical baon to the office. Zucchini + beef tenderloin.

Crab boat assembly. Deseeded zucchini + crab meat + tomato + chili + paprika.


Crisp top, juicy center.

Soup made with the same ingredients.

Spicy crabmeat soup with zucchini.

Green pepper scoops + low fat cottage cheese.

Mixed the cottage cheese with a few drops of white truffle balsamic for appeal.

Raw baby spinach + chicken + low fat basil mayo.

Sous vide veal tenderloin + mixed diced vegetables (tira for short).

Chicken + grilled asparagus + romaine + grated apple-cane vinegar dressing.

From my soup phase. Chicken + onion + spinach + thyme + water. Wazzed up.

Grilled portobello mushroom heads + chilled ricotta + fresh cracked pepper.

Scored squid + lemon juice.

Grilled squid salad.

Grilled squid + lettuce + diced tomato + mango + mango puree dressing.

Grilled mushroom heads + low fat cottage cheese + pureed mushroom + fresh cracked pepper.

Beef tenderloin burger + asparagus + red cabbage.

Improvising my favorite food.

Cracker + pomodoro sauce + dried oregano + sauteed portobello + mozzarella + basil chiffonade. Improv pizza!

Fajitas! Grilled chicken + portobello + white onions + tomato + green peppers. Yummm

Chicken + braised red cabbage.

Hot paprika beef tenderloin cubes + cool coleslaw (cabbage+onion+low fat mayo+pepper).

Roasted peppered beef tenderloin + sauteed green peppers.

Chicken curry.

Juicy tenderloin salpicao.

My favorite: sfauxghetti alla bolognese!! Ground beef tenderloin + fresh tomato + onion + celery + garlic powder + cucumber strips (mimicing pasta texture).

Arrabbiata veg version. Shredded cucumber + tomato + onion + chili powder + mozzarella.

Sous vide prep.

Taco night! Ground beef tenderloin + cumin + paprika + garlic powder + onions + green peppers + tomato + shredded cabbage.

Veg lasagna. Thinly sliced zucchini + tomatoes + mozzarella.

Beef alla pizzaiola. Thinly sliced beef tenderloin + tomato + pepper + oregano + red cabbage.

Pathetic scenario when eating out.. that's why I almost never do!


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Cohen Lifestyle: Snack Diary

Some of my favorite snacks.

The freezer is notably my best friend.

Iced espresso + Finn Crisp.

Green tea + orange slushy.

Made with quality green tea leaves and a fresh orange.

Orange zest.

Check yourself before you zest yourself.

Dunk leaves and zest in boiled water. Let em get to know each other for 15 to 20 minutes.

After straining away the bits, squeeze in some fresh OJ. You can add Splenda if it lacks sweetness.

Pop in the freezer on a shallow pan with some fresh zest. Whisk every once in a while to get the slushy texture.

Hella refreshing!!

Frozen mango cubes. Like healthy popsicles.

Iced coffee + Jacob's Hi Cal for work days.

Frozen espresso cubes.


Instant frappe.

Mid-afternoon jasmine tea.

I hate drinking soda but the lack of sugar in the diet got me sipping on this one. The only soda that doesn't leave a gross aspartame finish.

Frozen orange slices. Another healthy popsicle.

Semi-frozen OJ with pulp!

My favorite sorbet to make (which would actually make a good frozen cocktail)

Smooth honey dew and mango. Good dewyness!!

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