12 Mar

Sushi dinner for my brother’s birthday.

Nice Jap feel.

Faux wooden tabletops. Cute persimmon chopstick rest.

The Japanese sushi chefs on display led us to order mostly sushi and sashimi. (we should've stuck to that)

The nice earthenware made the food pop out.

Hamachi and tuna. Look at that color on the fish. So fresh!

More assorted freshness.

Beautiful rolls of spicy tuna. I like when you can still tell the rice grains apart.

Beef tendon. Lacked some punch.

Loved the glistening jap rice!

My brother was feeling adventurous and went for the ramen pizza. Funny dish. I was surprised how it held together so well.

Grilled jack with radish and ponzu dip. Not bad.

Butterfly garnish made out of beetroot. Effort!!

Cleansing our palates with this nice vanilla ice cream topped with red bean paste and green tea syrup.

Happy birthday brotha!

38 Jupiter St, Bel-Air Village
Makati City, Metro Manila
T: +632 478 3292

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Posted by on March 12, 2012 in Japanese, Sashimi


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