Cohen Lifestyle: Meal Diary

25 Jan

Some quick dishes I enjoyed cooking..

Chicken + green peppers + mango-paprika salsa.

Shrimpcake assembly. Crushed cracker + white pepper + ginger powder + chili powder + minced shrimp + water.

Fresh shrimp + shrimpcakes + lettuce + pureed mango-apple cider vinegar dressing.

I love melting mozzarella and putting it on anything. Thank you non-stick pan for making things easy!!

Zucchini + mozzarella crisps + melted mozzarella + paprika.

Wraps. Crisp romaine + fresh tomato puree + melted mozzarella.

Asian inspired lemon chicken. Chicken + lemon zest + lemon juice + spring onion + green peppers.

Chicken + portobello mushroom ragu.

Respect the breast by not overcooking it!!

Typical baon to the office. Zucchini + beef tenderloin.

Crab boat assembly. Deseeded zucchini + crab meat + tomato + chili + paprika.


Crisp top, juicy center.

Soup made with the same ingredients.

Spicy crabmeat soup with zucchini.

Green pepper scoops + low fat cottage cheese.

Mixed the cottage cheese with a few drops of white truffle balsamic for appeal.

Raw baby spinach + chicken + low fat basil mayo.

Sous vide veal tenderloin + mixed diced vegetables (tira for short).

Chicken + grilled asparagus + romaine + grated apple-cane vinegar dressing.

From my soup phase. Chicken + onion + spinach + thyme + water. Wazzed up.

Grilled portobello mushroom heads + chilled ricotta + fresh cracked pepper.

Scored squid + lemon juice.

Grilled squid salad.

Grilled squid + lettuce + diced tomato + mango + mango puree dressing.

Grilled mushroom heads + low fat cottage cheese + pureed mushroom + fresh cracked pepper.

Beef tenderloin burger + asparagus + red cabbage.

Improvising my favorite food.

Cracker + pomodoro sauce + dried oregano + sauteed portobello + mozzarella + basil chiffonade. Improv pizza!

Fajitas! Grilled chicken + portobello + white onions + tomato + green peppers. Yummm

Chicken + braised red cabbage.

Hot paprika beef tenderloin cubes + cool coleslaw (cabbage+onion+low fat mayo+pepper).

Roasted peppered beef tenderloin + sauteed green peppers.

Chicken curry.

Juicy tenderloin salpicao.

My favorite: sfauxghetti alla bolognese!! Ground beef tenderloin + fresh tomato + onion + celery + garlic powder + cucumber strips (mimicing pasta texture).

Arrabbiata veg version. Shredded cucumber + tomato + onion + chili powder + mozzarella.

Sous vide prep.

Taco night! Ground beef tenderloin + cumin + paprika + garlic powder + onions + green peppers + tomato + shredded cabbage.

Veg lasagna. Thinly sliced zucchini + tomatoes + mozzarella.

Beef alla pizzaiola. Thinly sliced beef tenderloin + tomato + pepper + oregano + red cabbage.

Pathetic scenario when eating out.. that's why I almost never do!


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3 responses to “Cohen Lifestyle: Meal Diary

  1. Joji Selim

    February 23, 2012 at 10:41 am

    Wonderful meal ideas! Its my husband’s first week on cohen so I’m really trying to find creative ways to make him nice meas despite the limits on the allowed seasoning. May i ask what you used to season the beef salpicao? Also, how you make the burger without egg? Thanks for sharing your meal ideas. Very inspiring!

    • subtleyetrobust

      February 29, 2012 at 6:14 am

      Hi! I season the salpicao with paprika and garlic powder, then deglaze the pan with a swig of water to make some sauce so it doesn’t remain dry. To bind the burger instead, I crush a cracker (usually Jacob’s) and soak it in water. Then I mix it with grated white onion and ground beef tenderloin. Goodluck!! 🙂

      • Joji Selim

        March 6, 2012 at 8:42 am

        Thanks so much! 🙂


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